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Worth the price of admission?

Instead of Ford bringing our Yankee Muscle Car to the World while keeping the 2015 exterior style true to the American free spirit original which is it's name sake, "MUSTANG", Ford is making this 2015 American Icon more palatable to the overseas world by watering down the exterior style that makes a Mustang, a MUSTANG. Camaro lost it's way in the early 2000s by forgoing it's roots and copying the style of the flavor of the year. Ford will do this at it's own peril.
Though I do like the 2015 interior the 2015 Mustang EXTERIOR looks like a 2008 Hyundai Tiburon!
The Ford design crew came down to three final exterior designs to choose from. They chose the one that makes the 2015 Mustang look like the, "Corporate Fusion look" and least like the the iconic 1960s Mustang. Too bad. The Ford Fusion looks like a disgruntled bass. One design theme had the hockey stick rift in the sides with the faux round fuel door in the back between the tail lights which were wider and were more vertical therefore less prone to be the dirt collectors like the 2015 tail light are going to be. This is due to wind turbulence that occurs behind the vehicle that tends to roll up dirt and debris that will now land on the handy semi-horizontal shelf at the back of the 2015 Mustang. On the final choice Mustang GT design for 2015, the GT emblem on the taillight panel looks lost as if it was an afterthought. Greatness was just a mouse click away but alas the current design crew at Ford has given us a still born 2015 exterior design ala 2010. Aaah to to have Hau Thai-Tang chief engineer for the 2005 Mustang and crew back together that gave us the 2005 Mustang. Now that was talent! It would have been a lot different 2015 Mustang style wise had they been on board.Though the 2015 redesign is a mechanically superior car to the out going s197 model this 2015 Mustang will take it's place as an also ran.....looking much like all the cookie cutter uber-trash cars out there as aerodynamics serves all car makes alike.

A LESSON I LEARNED LONG AGO? Never buy a car you can't look at favorably when walking out to the parking lot for a drive. It also makes writing the the check for the monthly payment a painful experience. So I wait until the 2015 can be seen in person to see if it is as good/bad as it looks online. We shall see........Unless it grabs my soul like the day I first saw my 2007 GT/CS I 'll be taking a pass on the 2015 Mustang as the ride won't be worth the price of admission.
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Worth the price of admission?

Excellently written, but in the end there's no accounting for taste. I understand tradition and nostalgia; I have owned Mustangs since 1970, when I drove a '65 K-code hi-po 289 convertible. I wasn't a fan of the bloated early 70s cars or the Fox body for both mechanical and aesthetic reasons. But I just traded in my evil-looking black '13 GT Premium, Brembo-package 6 speed convertible, which I used to stand next to in my office parking garage, admiring it like a nerd looking at the prettiest girl in high school. I traded it for an even more evil-looking black '16 GT Premium 6 speed convertible with the performance package.

The new car looks lower, sleeker, wider, meaner. Reminds me of a sophisticated shark, if you can imagine that concept. Don't think Fusion when you look at the styling cues. Think Aston Martin. GT as in Gran Turismo; as in 250 GTO. That is not a bad European sensibility to appeal to. And it's clearly a Mustang; there's no mistaking it for anything else. I personally thought that the faux gas cap that hasn't been functional since my K-code was the height of Detroit cheesy. Non-functional equals no substance; better to attempt to look "good" than to feel good. Glad it's gone. And the turn signal repeaters on the hood take me back to my old girlfriend's fire-engine-red '67. They were both red-hot. And I wash my car too often for dirt on the rear panel to accumulate.

What Ford is trying to do is invade Europe. Think about it. A Mustang that handles, competing with supposedly superior German machinery. Remind you of anything? Another Mustang, maybe? Looks like victory. Now THAT is nostalgia worth having (no offense to my German friends intended).

I thought that a car without 50 years of perfected solid rear axle technology wasn't going to be a Mustang, but I drove one, and it's a Mustang. Ford has traded .1 second in the quarter mile and 0-to-60 time for .96g lateral acceleration on the skid pad and 60-0 braking in 10 less feet. Kudos to Ford. About time. And yes, I'll be doing a lot of standing next to it in the parking garage, admiring its looks.

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