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BBR's 2015 GT

I had the chance to pick up our 2015 Mustang GT this past weekend.

I wanted to do a write-up on on as a real first hand type of person who was honestly.... very against these cars. The body still has to grow on me... like a lot. LOL


Friday morning I caught a flight to NJ to pick up our new S550 Stang. Once I arrived, a local friend picked me up and took me over to Fullerton Ford. Once all the paperwork was finalized, we took the car and started our 1200 mile trip back here to Boca.

First thing is first.. Felt really good leaving the Newark airport and seeing the new World Trade Center Building

When I left the dealer, here is when the trip started:

Now before we left NJ, we stopped at my friends house to snap a couple pics with his 2014... as you can see... nothing looks the same LOL


Now first thing I want to go over is the interior. The seats are like nothing else and I fit perfect in them. The material used is softer and the seat actually holds you tight. The steering wheel and switches are well placed and all over easy access. The center console is easy to navigate and broken down barney style.

Ill snap a picture today but to go into reverse now.... you have to push up on the shifter handle. No more pushing down.

The only issues I had was that it does not go low enough so your head is close to the ceiling. I'm not a tall person either. LOL The window switches are places more forward so you have to move your body to open or close the window unless you have long arms. The dead pedal is pretty much on top of the clutch pedal so you have to be careful when you go to rest your foot.

Besides that, I has no problems with this car on it's 20 hour drive back here. Fuel mileage was pretty good as she got 350-380 to a tank every full up. We had to stop 4 times for fuel (didnt completely empty each tank)

here are some pictures from the drive:

The model we picked was with 3.55 rear gears so for the MPH and RPM.. I was happy with the mileage

Once I arrived here Saturday evening, we put her right on the dyno and made some BONE STOCK dyno pulls. Maybe a 10minute cool down time.

Here are your results:

After this we pulled it off and tested out the linelock feature... She works. LOL

Now that it is a new week, we are going to spend time with her on the dyno and have a lot more fun with it.

I also wanted to add that after this drive. I love this car. Makes my 13 feel ancient too. I recommend them and on a scale of 1 - 10.. I give it an 8. This is all based off the ride. The looks... still has to grow on me.
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I want to add more to explain some things on this car too.

I took some pictures this morning on the way in to show some nice features.

here is the almighty cup holder we all have been waiting for. We can shift the car and not have the drink in the way!

And with a drink....

Here is also your new key... well lack of.. This is the hardest thing to get used to. If you walk away from the car with it running and this FOB in your pocket, it will beep at you a couple times.

Now here are the ONLY issues I have found with this car:

While driving you focus is on the long and wider hood. At night, lights from other vehicles or street lights do reflect on it and sometimes it is very distracting. I took this at a dead stop this morning.

Here is the issues which may be my own but i rested my arm on the door as I would be driving it and you can see how much farther the window switches are. I am not that short of a person either. LOL

And the dead pedal which in my opinion is to close to the clutch pedal. When you rest your foot on it... you can 100% touch the clutch pedal without even trying. Just something to be careful about to others. I should have gotten a better picture but under the dash your the top of your foot would rest is where it hits the clutch pedal the most.

*excuse the dirty carpet. Have not cleaned it yet since it's drive

BUT AGAIN... These couple issues are not to stop me from picking one up myself. I can say that this car gets the head turns, the likes, and it drives better then another one prior to it. Once the modding begins... it can only get better!!!!
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Looks good!

2015 race red, base model, auto, recaro seats. (Test mule)
1981 mustang ghia, twin turbo Bbf, back halfed goes [email protected] so far.
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