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Questioning Purchase of 2015 Mustang GT

I've had the same "run power active" notification on my brand new 2015 Mustang GT with no resolution from Ford.

I originally got in a fender bender on October 24th. The police officer said I was probably going 10mph or less when the accident happened based on the damage done to my car and the other that was involved.

I had my car towed to the dealership I purchased the car from, Peoria Ford here in Arizona.
They stated they did not do body work so I was reffered to Premier Coach Works. They had my car from October 25th to November 20th. Everything seemed to be fine until my car cut out multiple times, almost causing multiple accidents just trying to get my 7 year old daughter and I home safely the night of pick up.

I called Premier Coach when I got home, around 7:30pm. Kody called me back, very concerend but more than willing to help. He stated I should bring my car back to the Ford dealership and they should be able to help.

I brough the car back in that Monday, November 23rd, 2015. The dealership has had my car since and has not been able to resolve the issue. I was dealing with Nathan, one of the servicemen. They thought it was something to do with the ignition and tried replacing a part (unfortunately i forgot the name). Since the Ford Certified Master Technician was unable to correct the issue, the next step was to have a Ford Certified Engineer come out to look at the problem.

Thankfully Kody at Premiere Coach has taken car of the cost for my rental until today. Ford has refussed to help with a rental car and would not provide a vehicle from their dealership.
I also spoke with the service manager, Keith, who asked me to explain the story again as I was a little irritated that Ford has not been able to solve the issue and I have been out of my car for well over a month. During my explanation he asked if I thought the "run power active" issue could have caused the accident. I stated that it may have, it may not. I am unfortunately ignorant when it comes to the computer system installed on my car.
Because this was said, Ford Customer Service Manager Leroy Smith at 866-631-3788 ext: 77773 advised me to seek an attorney and to have my attorney as well as my insurance company work with the Ford Office of General Council. All repair on my vehicle has come to an abrupt hault.

I am completely at a loss and can't begin to believe how Ford has handled this issue. My grandfather worked and retired from the Ford plant in Dearborn, MI. My first car was a Mustang and I have had 4 since. Being as loyal to Ford as I have, I hope this doesn't happen to any other loyal Ford enthusiast.
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