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If you believe the guy from 3.7mustang.com, there's going ot be three engine options - turbo 4, a v6 and a beefed up v8

News: Ford insider leaks 2015 Mustang motor lineup - the Mustang goes EcoBoost! | AmericanMuscle.com Mustang Blog
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Originally Posted by Boss-Stang View Post
This is going to stir up a storm if this is true for the four cylinder. A mustang with that kind of displacement is unheard of. Since when do people turn to a ford mustang for a econo box. I hate this idea. Next thing you know these will be on the road riding around like they have a v6 or v8 in it.
The whole attitude of the mustang is over really. you can be sure to leave any and everything behind as the era of the old school mustang heritage is pretty much over.

this is pretty much ford giving in and making it more available to the public with the four banger.
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Originally Posted by 2tonepony View Post
exactly, the mustang platform would just be retarded without it. V6 and V8 engines in the mustang are what make it a mustang, everything else like a 4 cylinder is just for people that want a car thats all show and no go. and I feel like the current basemodel V6 mustang owners just care for that...show.
Well if that is the case they better back up the v6 and make it a turbo or supercharged haulin ass monster. Getting rid of those engines would be suicide. Imagine letting that news through in texas, someone will end up shot lol.
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