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Dbegley 08-28-2017 04:37 PM

New Member with 2017 GT Mustang
Can I join and participate in this 2015 Mustang Forum with a 2017 S550?

Just picked up a 2017 Mustang GT, 6 speed manual, Performance Pack, 401A entertainment and much more. Ended up special ordering it to get the options I wanted.

With 200 miles on it all I can say is I love this car. It's Ruby Red with the black 19" wheels.

Awesome car. Been a Mustang fan since the 65. This is actually my third Mustang. I also own a 66 289 coupe and a 68 Shelby GT 350.
Ford finally came out with a newer Mustang that I would buy.

There are a number of things about the car.
Shifts very nicely. It's real comfortable. Great visibility. FAST.
The brakes are awesome and as challenging to get use to as this clutch. Step on these Brembos and this car STOPS. I read that 60-0 is just a bit more than 100 feet. I believe that.

I am doing better with the brakes than the clutch. Don't know what it is about this clutch but there is something different about it.
Getting better with it. Been driving it like a little old lady, shifting at real low MPH. It does well with that kind of driving.

Speaking of that. The 3.73 rear end is interesting. That is pretty low gearing. I have noticed that I can drive/Cruise in 5th at 35 MPH. Sure there is minimal RPM for accelerating but you can do that comfortably. I've been playing with keeping the RPM around 2000 as I teach myself to get use to this setup and break the car in. So different than my 68 4 speed or the 97 3000 GT VR4 6 speed I sold to purchase this 17 GT.

As one of my friends suggested, I will have a huge smile on my face for a long time. Now if I can just convince my wife this was a good idea.

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