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Cool Mods to S550 GT Suspension

First after looking at this forum, someone needs to cleanup and STOP all the spam coming in. Its difficult to find valid posts. I did send a note to Contact Us on the bottom of the forum page.

I hope there are enough members and active users to respond to my request here.

So I am a proud owner of a new S550 GT Mustang. After 200 miles I like it more than when I first picked it up if that is possible.

I have no complaints about the car or handling but I am too new to have much of an opinion.

I have been reading about these cars and made the mistake of logging onto American Muscle. I see that there are LOTS of vendors offering all kinds of mods for this car.
And I see that one of the most popular mods are lowering springs.

I ordered my car with the Performance Pack. As I understand it the PP means larger Brembo brakes with 6 pistons instead of 4. And it means performance coil springs as compared to the stock GT springs. I think the sway bars are the same as the stock GT.
Right now my car sits pretty level in the front and back, about 1/8 inch lower in the front.
The Aftermarket guy at the Ford dealership told me the lowering springs M-5300-X would drop it 1/2 inch in the front and a full inch in the back. He told me the Ford Street Handling package option is what I have with the PP, minus the coil springs. That full Ford package is M-FR3A-MA.

Having the rear lower than the front is not what I want if that is the case. I went through a lower back end with my 68 Mustang recently adding lowering coils on the front and mid eye leafs in the back. Ended up with it an inch lower in the back. Had to cut off 1/2 a coil in the front to make it level.

Of course once you purchase the parts and install them is a poor time to find out what you end up with.

It occurred to me After looking at the Track Handling Package might be a better thing to do if I can live with the tighter suspension. Swapping the springs out means taking the suspension apart. All the rest of the parts in this package are bolt on items especially on a new car. If the $$ is available I might as well swap out all these parts.
Be also nice to know if those Track Pack sway bars are an improvement over the ones I got with the PP.

By the way, I have found that you can get the Ford parts much cheaper at NON Ford aftermarket vendors. I found this Track Package for $500 cheaper at

So does anyone out there know more specifics about this conversation?
1) Are lowering springs a good idea? Am I going to get improvement in the handling as well as having it set lower? Will the rear end be lower than the front end if I do that with those springs?
2) Is the Track Handling Pack so tight that I am going to regret it? Probably not but until you have it installed you won't know what you are going to get. I did this to my 68 Mustang and it is one tight suspension. Love it, my 68 now handles great. Actually fun to drive now. But this is not a daily driver. It's my show car. You feel every bump. And I like that.
3) Am I correct in saying if I have the $1000 for the Track package (about $700 more than the springs alone.) that I might as well put that whole package on it since taking the coils out is a major part of doing that package anyway?
4) If I have my Ford dealer do the install I assume I retain my warranty. I wonder if I have an outside vendor do the same install that voids the warranty. What if I got NON Ford parts? Void my warranty?
5) Is there a market for the PP parts off my GT to someone that has a NON PP Mustang? I understand the PP parts fit any Mustang so they must have some value to some owner. And how do I find one. Ford told me that is my problem, that they don't get involved. Pretty sad to take those parts I paid good money for and trash them. Too bad Ford didn't give me the option to accessorize my GT even more when I ordered it.

Last thing is I would love to find a page on this forum that has an intelligent conversation about mods to the S550 Mustang GT. Recommended steps to bring your Mustang Alive. Mild to Wild. Focus on each part of this conversation from suspension, to engine to exterior and interior.
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